Pauline van Aken
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Inclusive lunches, coffee & tea and the book; "Present Yourself with Power, dare to shine".


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Present Yourself with Power
4 Day course in the Netherlands

Do you feel confident giving presentations?
What about presentations in English?

Giving presentations can be a daunting task,
especially if you are asked to present in English.

Learning the techniques to overcome insecurities when presenting to
an audience, and perfecting the skills to do it in English often requires
two distinct training courses. For many business people, this double
investment of time can be difficult to arrange.
Work on your presentation and business English skills in one course!

Pauline van Aken and Amie de Jeu have collaborated to offer a unique opportunity
to improve your presentation skills and business English in one training course.

What you will improve during this 4-day-course:
  • Breathing techniques and voice control
  • Body language, purposeful expression and engaging the audience
  • Confidence presenting to small and large audiences
  • Techniques for dealing with the media, a camera and a microphone
  • English language skills; including grammar, vocabulary, and learning to identify and avoid typical pitfalls
  • Professional, clear and concise expression in English
  • Insight into cross- cultural aspects of presenting to an international audience
  • Ability to pinpoint your main message, guide the listener and make the presentation flow
The trainers:

Present yourself with power - Pauline van AkenPauline van Aken specializes in the mental, physical and emotional aspects of presenting and communicating. Her training as a speech therapist and her experience as a television presenter give her special insight into the techniques necessary to control your breathing, your voice, and your body language. Most importantly, Pauline helps you build your confidence to Present Yourself with Power, even during interviews with journalists or in front of a camera.

Pauline trains individuals and groups in corporate and non-profit organizations, as well as lawyers, television and radio presenters. She is the author of three books about communication and presentations. Her second book, "Durf, Leer en Presenteer, zet jezelf neer" has just been translated into English by Amie de Jeu and is titled: "Present Yourself with Power, dare to shine; The Way to Effective Presenting and Inspiring Presentations."

Amie de Jeu is a business English teacher, translator, editor, and coach.
With over 20 years' experience conducting training courses in the Netherlands, and tapping into her business background in America, she specializes in high level business training and coaching for international professionals.

She has taught managers and senior executives from a wide range of industries. Companies she has worked for include, ABN AMRO, Unigroup Worldwide UTS, Fijlstra Wullings, KPMG, Cargill, Shell, De Lage Landen, and many others.

Practical details:


  • This is a four day course, meeting Tuesdays and Thursdays, or Wednesdays and Fridays
    from 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Two days in Dutch with Pauline van Aken, and two days in English with Amie de Jeu.
  • Limited to a minimum of 3 and maximum of 6 participants, to allow ample time to practice the presentations both with and without a camera.
  • For mixed groups (participants from different companies) the course will be given at:
    Peg's Pandje - Molendijk 3 - 3632 EM Loenen a/d Vecht.
  • Individual trainings can be followed at your company on demand and at Peg's Pandje in Loenen a/d Vecht.
  • Companies may request this course for employees or board members given at the company's premises.

Present Yourself with Power, dare to shine is based on the Dutch book:
Durf, Leer en Presenteer, zet jezelf neer’, first published in 2008.
Second edition published in 2009 by B.V. Uitgeverij SWP Amsterdam.

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